We promote social change through Muaythai to help children develop health, resilience, and the capacity to face life’s toughest conditions and become agents of peace.



To use Muaythai as a tool for strengthening the values and abilities of children and young adults in Mexico to help prevent and confront violence, delinquency, addiction, adolescent pregnancies, and school dropout rates from rising.


That all children and young adults in Mexico practice their human right to play sports and receive a foundational upbringing that allows them to be resilient, healthy, productive and happy adults who contribute positively to their communities and society as a whole.


1. Sports are a human right, which all children and young adults should have access to, beyond their physical or psychosocial abilities.

2. Sports transform: Sports allow children and young adults to prevent and confront violence, insecurities, delinquencies, and the lack of motivation to study and be inspired to create projects in life that they are passionate about.

3. Children and Young adults need positive role models to look up to.

4. We are a virtuous mirror, through which children and young adults can see a positive self image.

5. There are mothers and father that worry and look for opportunities to get their children ahead.

6. When children and young adults are proud to be a part of a formative team, they develop in a healthier manner.

7. The principle ethics that are fostered by sports can heal wounds caused by discrimination and social exclusion.

8. In order for a child or young adult to develop healthily, the participation of families and entire communities is essential.

Sport Is Your Gang México with a multilateral focus


We utilize sports as a tool for social transformation

Sports generate strong bonds between the group and the community. In this way, we are able to instill basic values that belong to sports, such as camaraderie, discipline, and fair play.

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¡Haz Equipo - Team Up!

Each training session ends with a conflict resolution exercise called ¡Haz Equipo!, which was created by Dr. Amir Kfir, author of the NONFLICT methodology. 


A Human Rights Focus

Access to sports is a human right and as an organization we seek to help program participants become healthy and resilient agents of peace in their adulthood. Notions of civic duty must be instilled during childhood.

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Workshops for women of our community

It is fundamental that women leaders of the community have the same opportunities to grow and fully exercise their human rights. For this reason, each workshop addresses everyday women’s issues from a perspective of gender.

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2500 students benefited.

Since our founding in 2014, Sport Is Your Gang has consistently increased the number of students benefiting from our programs around the country. We are present in 22 States in the Republic of Mexico. Muaythai classes are offered one or two times a week in established venues.                       


200 active groups in Mexico

We count 200 groups throughout the Republic of Mexico. Sport Is Your Gang México seeks to help communities access Muaythai classes. As such, we function in a variety of spaces, including public parks, private and public sports centers, gyms, churches, houses, etc.


International growth

Since 2016, we have had a presence in the United States, first in Los Ángeles, and starting in April 2019, in New York. In 2018, 20 groups in Honduras and 2 groups in Costa Rica were established.